Welcome to Breakaway Stocks. Here you will find our investment research and commentary on US equities that we think will outperform the market. We run a proprietary model to screen for the most fundamentally sound companies and subsequently deploy technical analysis and statistical research before making our final stock selections. All of our picks are discussed and provided in real time, so you are able to take advantage of the best opportunities we currently see in the marketplace. Our portfolio consists of our 20 best ideas and we actively track and monitor them on a daily basis. New additions and deletions to the portfolio can occur frequently and we make all of our decisions known to you in a timely manner.


As a subscriber to Breakaway Stocks, you are entitled to the fruits of our research and labor. Our method is stringently back tested, stress tested, and consistently subject to walk forward optimization to provide you the most statistically sound method to place bets in the stock market. Our method relies on consistently making correct directional bets and we believe that with our proprietary screens, coupled with sound statistical evidence and thoughtful intuition, we are able to provide confidence in an uncertain environment.


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Our portfolio has done relatively well year to date, and as a testament to our method our performance can be viewed below. A more thorough breakdown of our portfolio performance can be seen in our performance tab.



*Updated October 30, 2013


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I hope that you find our service useful to you and your investments. Investors & traders are always looking for the right tools and sources of information to take advantage of the volatility in these markets. We strive to fill that void.