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Breakaway Stocks is a general circulation e-newsletter that looks to provide its readers with useful advice about building wealth, investing and understanding the markets – on it’s surface – but when I launched Breakaway Stocks, I knew it would become much more.

I wanted to create a publication that was new and unique to an industry overstuffed with fluff.

My goal is to not only bring our subscribers winning stock picks, but to also help them understand what it takes to build real wealth – not just grab a few percentage points here and there. My mission statement is simple:

Make you wealthy.

And I will scour the markets for pockets of opportunity to do exactly that. Whether those opportunities present themselves in foreign currency, commodities, options or any other investment area that can deliver wealth – I will try to find the best and fastest way to get you the most money.

Why? Because I know if you’re making money. I’m making money. Which is the greatest incentive of all to work as hard as I can to help you build your wealth on a daily basis.

That is the sole purpose of Breakaway Stocks. Hence the name. I hope you’ll join me as I work towards my goal of making us rich.

Eric Dickson
Breakaway Stocks